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After the Gone Gorilla case, wherein a 450 lb. gorilla spirit rampages through the Museum of Natural History in Chicago, the Old Fart Squad of retired Chi-town detectives are charged with learning just what was going on at the curious, huge SPIRE Hole. This hole, a mile wide, was opened up in downtown, within the rich confines of the most expensive real estate in the city.The trouble is animals, pets, and now people are disappearing down that hole, and they're not going in voluntarily. But the detectives, led by Aubrey Hamilton, have to do exactly that to eradicate the Lovecraftian creatures crawling up from the spire hole to take animated, live "food" down with them. Can the squad succeed, without losing any in their number? Wiz, GD, and Reggie soon realize they need the help of some dark characters in corporate America, and with Aubrey, they engage in this war 100 percent.The urban legends of Chicago are the basis for the series, begun with Chicago's infamous mountain gorilla, Bushman, the Gone Gorilla, followed by this #2, The Monster Pit, and #3 Goatbusters, and finally The Heads Have Eyes.Author Robert W. Walker has completed 80 novels, counting these novellas, but this is his only novella series. He has written as Geoffrey Cain, Glenn Hale, Stephen Robertson, and Evan Kingsbury. His longest running series is the 15-book Instinct series, featuring Dr. Jessica Coran, ME, FBI, begun with Killer Instinct, written by Robert W. Walker, as his real name has always beat out the pen names. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tom Fria. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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